Thursday 6:30PM TO 8PM

Ages: 8 to 11

Cub Scouts have a lot of fun doing a lot of interesting things! There are games to play, codes and skills to learn, places to see and new friends to meet. Cub Scouts all help each other, and try to help other people too.


  • Naomi Burley
  • James 'Harry' Harrison

Contact: [email protected]


Tuesday 7:00PM TO 8:45PM

Ages: 11 to 15

Scouts do anything and everything... all the fun stuff you don’t get to do at home! Whether it’s hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, performing on stage or sitting around a fire toasting marshmallows while camping with a bunch of friends... you choose!


  • Bruce Crawley

Contact: [email protected]

Joeys and Venturers

We currently do not have active Joeys or Venturer sections.

If you are interested in helping start these please contact [email protected]