Costs Involved In Scouting

Our Group is entirely self-funded and rely on parents to assist where possible to keep scouting affordable. Our fee structure is for the whole 12 months unlike sports that are seasonal. The expenses of the Group that your fees go towards include insurance (which is by far the largest portion), council rates, building and equipment maintenance, utilities, leader training and uniforms, as well as member expenses such as badges and awards.

Our term fees are payable within the first 4 weeks of the term and we will provide you with an invoice. We provide options to pay by direct debt, cheque or cash. If paying by direct deposit or cheque please fill in the invoice and return to the steel mail-box in the foyer at the entrance to the Scout Hall. If paying by cash it must be given to the section leader and they will ensure it gets to the group treasurer. If outstanding fees are not finalised by the first week of the next term the youth member may not be allowed to participate until the accounts are brought up to date or a payment planned worked out with the Group Leader or Chairman.

As Scouting is largely an outdoors based program from time to time there will be overnight camps, hikes, bowling and the like added to the program. The cost of these activities are additional to the regular membership fees but we do our best to keep these costs to a minimum as the leaders are volunteers and through parents like yourself who can help with transport.

Fee schedule

Joining Fee

A one off joining fee of $65 is charged. This covers fees charged to us by the Scouts Australia head office as well as badges, scarf and handbook.

Term Fee

In 2015 the fee per term is set at $75.00 for the first child in a family. Reduced fees are available for families with more than 1 child member.

Fee breakdown

Each year the committee meets to ensure that the fee structure for the next 12 months is enough to cover our basic costs while still providing families with a best value for money possible. Below is a rough breakdown of where your term fees go:

  • Insurance for youth members by Scouts NSW = $38.00
  • Group building and content insurance, replacement and maintenance budget, general running costs including electricity and Water / Sewerage, Group BBQ costs, etc. = $25.00
  • Section running cost including badges, books, craft and small activity supplies, special one off costs such as movie hires, snacks etc. = $12.00

Additional fundraising activities are performed throughout the year. Every dollar gained from these activities is contributed right back to the well being of Helensburgh Scouts so that we can provide the best experience possible for your children now and in to the future..