How Can I Participate?

Parents can enjoy scouting as much as our children do and many of us assist in a number of ways that reap rewards of fun and laughter for all involved. Scouts is a volunteer run organisation so any help you are able to provide is fantastic. It is also a great bonding activity for parents and youth members, sharing fun and challenges together.

You can help:

  • By being interested and providing encouragement to your child
  • Provide transport to and from activities
  • Be a parent helper. Stick around during meetings and events and help out if needed on Joey, Cub or Scouts nights. Sometimes sleepovers and camps need help from parents as well. You can also learn more about what we do each week!
  • Participate in family events such as group BBQs, the family camp and other family orientated outings
  • Come along to our social activities and working bees
  • Join the Parents Committee in a admin role or one of the working groups (such as publicity, fundraising and social, hall maintenance)
  • Become a leader - experiencing the action first hand and the reward of being a leader yourself.

Every bit helps. Even if you can't regularly commit time we will appreciate it.


Current positions looking to be filled:


  • Group Secretary
  • Fundraising committee
  • Quartermaster


Leaders and Assistant Leaders are being sought for all sections. We aim to have at least 2 fully trained leaders per section - 3 is ideal.

  • Joey leader
  • Cub leader
  • Scout leader
  • Venturer leader


  • Parent Helpers. Want to help out but don't feel you can commit to being a leader? Parent Helpers assist the leaders when they can by providing an additional pair of eyes and hands.

Are you interested in helping? For more information please contact our committee or group leader via the details our Contact Us page.